Fetch a list of all users. Pagination and filtering are supported.

  • Parameters:
    • startIndex (number, optional) - The index (starting at 1, not 0) of the
      first record to retrieve. Allows you to skip some users that would normally
      be returned.
      + Default: 1
    • count (number, optional) - Number of users to retrieve (max: 100)
      • Default: 100
    • attributes (string, optional) - A comma-separated list of user attributes
      to retrieve. Use this to return only certain attributes. Allowed
      attributes are "id", "userName", "name", "meta", "emails", "addresses", "active", "externalId",
      "urn:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:1.0", and
      "urn:scim:schemas:extension:bonusly:1.0:User". The last two attributes are
      additional SCIM schemas, which contain the attributes "department", and
      "location", respectively. So, if you'd like to return only the "emails" and
      "location" fields from the API you would specify
      ?attributes=emails,urn:scim:schemas:extension:bonusly:1.0:User as your
      query string.
    • filter (string, optional) - Return only results that match certain attribute
      values. Currently supported filter strings are: "userName eq <some_email_address>"
      and "active eq <true/false>". The userName attribute corresponds to the
      user's email in Bonusly. You cannot use these filters together.
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